Client Speak

Since our inception, we have engaged with over 100 clients ranging from large MNCs to SMEs and across the entire spectrum of industry sectors. We can proudly say that each and every client has benefited in some way irrespective of the length of our engagement with them. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us.

Line concept has reduced inventory level drastically. Dispatch per month improved by 33.33% than before lean implementation. Fettling throughput time reduced by 60%. Inventory stock reduced by 56%.

S. Balraj, Joint Managing Director, Bright Foundries.

The lean implementation overall changed the working mechanism of our works, its one herculean task which we are happy with. The working pattern changed and they approach new assignment is now meaningful.

Proprietor, Sri Renuka Industries

Our labor productivity improved & rejection reduced. Changeover time reduced from 90 mins to less than 50 mins. Reduction in rejection percentage from 5.7% to 0.6%. Problem handling techniques has improved to all top level & middle level employees. WIP stock reduced from 10 days to 3 days. Production cost reduced.

Mr. A. Mahalingam, Managing Director, Best Forgings.

Our throughput time reduced from more than 10 days to 2 days. Apart from the tangible benefits, lean implementation has also helped to change the culture of working in the unit. Our team is now always exploring ways and means of improving the methods of working which will serve us for a long time.

Partner, GSV Industries.

Our throughput time in post molding operations has come down by 60%. This has enabled us to reduce our lead time to the customers thereby providing us a unique selling proposition to get more orders. We have now learnt the methodology of problem solving which has given out team the confidence to address our quality problems. Non-value-added activities eliminated which reduced our cycle time.

Partner, Sriji rubber Industries.

The lean implementation in our unit was a healthy, economical and a sensible change in our shop floor. Our operator movement was controlled within the cell and concentration was increased towards production. Monitoring became simple. Simple automation was implemented. Packing time reduced by 50%. Coil fixing time reduced by 75%.

Proprietor, Padmanaba wire Industries.

We have reduced internal movement of components for 850 ft. to 460 ft. We have seen a good improvement in reduction in rejection. By layout modification in machine shop we were able to get better productivity. Over all we have seen a good improvement in the implementation of lean.

Managing Director, Kovaii fine coat.

Through SMED, average setting time was reduced by 30-40% and this has improved our OEE significantly. 50% reduction in throughput time for our runner product. The development time of NPD has reduced by 33.3%. After layout change additional space created in the shop floor which helped us to plan for two more machines.

Managing Director, Parthasarathy CNC.

Our output has increased drastically. We now able to produce double that of previous output per line. In spite of increased output, we have been able to reduce manpower in all the assembly lines. Our potential financial benefit has been increased.

Partner, Majestic machine works.

Lean workshops resulted in 30% reduction of our floor space which was used for adding further machines in same floor space. Implementation of SME has reduced setting time drastically which enabled us to reduce the delivery time. We have implemented online quality inspection in all shifts which has decreased the in-house rejection percentage.

K.Dineshkumar, Managing Partner, Amrithalakshmi CNC.