Value Proposition

What we Deliver

An organization can best sustain growth and development if each and every employee regardless of his or her position can see direct benefits by improving their processes. Our intervention lays down a clear path for such sustainable development of an organization and has a cascading effect by which all the stakeholders within and outside the organization are benefited in some way or the other.

Impact on the Organisation and Entrepreneurs

Most initiatives focus on the technologies and facilities for bringing in improvement and this requires investment. KIAP’s intervention, based on lean philosophy, focuses on the organizational systems, work processes, methods and practices and enables the organization to achieve high levels of performance with minimum investment.

Impact on the Managerial and Supervisory cadre

The focus is on individual learning and development which in turn leads to improvement in the process. KIAP’s intervention often helps in the development of those people who normally would never have got the opportunity otherwise. Further, the streamlining of the process eliminates the need for constant fire fighting thereby reducing the stress levels of the middle managerial staff.

Typical results obtained by organizations in India implementing Lean

  • 50~70% reduction in THROUGHPUT time
  • 50~70% reduction in Inventories
  • 20~40% increase in productivity
  • 20~40% savings in EXPENSES
  • 40%-60% reduction in errors
  • >50% release of space
  • Significant improvement in morale
  • Empowered human resource
  • Discovery of new capabilities

Impact on the Operating Frontline Employees

A lot of the waste in processes is related to handling and transportation of material and movement of the operating staff who also have to often work in uncomfortable positions and conditions. Minimizing these wastes and strain makes day to day working easier for them. They also get an opportunity to participate in cross functional teams, learn new concepts and apply their minds to come up with creative ideas to improve their workplace.