Industry 4.0

KIAP has a proven track record of delivering phenomenal results to clients. With the current rapid changes in manufacturing technology and information systems, there is a huge scope to complement the gemba approach with a judicious deployment of relevant Industrial Internet of Things(IIOT) solutions to further multiply the business benefits in terms of improved productivity and OEE, throughput time and inventory reduction, enhancing quality and reducing costs. These solutions will also enable ease of monitoring and tracking relevant process and performance parameters, ensure data sanctity for right decision making and error proof critical areas thereby avoiding catastrophic product and process failures.

Our Approach

Over the last 15 years, KIAP has developed and refined its own customized approach to operational transformation, leading to significant performance improvement in manufacturing organizations. However studies show that,
“When either approach, Lean or IOT applied alone, it can reduce conversion cost by 15%,whereas the integrated partnership approach reduces conversion cost by 40%, Cost of Poor Quality(COPQ) by 20% and Work in Process (WIP) by 30%”

It therefore makes sense to seamlessly merge the existing consulting approach with the new technological advancements to multiply value to businesses. The diagram below shows our well defined consulting as well as typical IIOT solutions currently offered by technology providers that synergize at specific points in the cycle.

Integrating IIOT with Lean


KIAP is working with select technology partners who have developed robust solutions that complement our gemba implementation. The solutions can be customized depending on specific needs of the process and KIAP experts are on site to ensure proper fitment. We also help our clients utilize the deployed IOT solutions and realize the full benefit through further process improvement and standardization.

Operational Excellence

Please contact us for state of the art industry specific integrated Lean IOT solutions.