New Facility Design – Lean Layout

Over the past two decades, lean has become increasingly accepted as the most suitable operations philosophy by the industry. Most lean interventions are done on existing operations that have been built up over a period of time and added product lines, technology and people as per the business goals of the time. But why not get it right the first time itself as a popular quality tenet says.

“ Do it right the first time and every time”

Lean is as applicable for a new facility or a new product as it is for an existing / running unit. Through initial process and facility design using Lean principles, we can ensure that the process flow is streamlined at the outset and through continual improvement we can ensure it remains that way through the operational cycle.

Key steps to Design

For a new facility or product, we use a four step process of design and implementation

KIAP has expertise in helping varied industry sectors in designing and implementing new product and new facility applying core Lean principles. We have followed the four step method where we have helped our clients conceive designs, freeze layout and hand held them during the physical implementation and ramp up stage to ensure the designed output, quality and lead times are reached in the shortest possible time. Some of the industry sectors we have recently executed Lean design

  • Multi product refrigeration facility
  • Clean rooms and HVAC manufacturing unit
  • Toys
  • Boilers
  • Packaging products
  • Hospitality

So do contact us if you have planned for an expansion, a new facility or a new product / service to be operated on a commercial scale and we will help you design and implement the best possible way of doing things.