Our Methodology

KIAP’s methodology has two core elements – rapid process improvement through Foucsed Improvement (FI) workshops and assessment based handholding for sustenance post the improvement phase.

In our unique Focused Improvement Workshop, within a short span of 3-5 days, the process gets redefined most often leading to dramatic improvements and gains. This is made possible by bringing together all the relevant people in the form of cross functional teams – each team will work on and complete at least one significant improvement project during the workshop. The concerned process owner leads the team thereby ensuring long term sustenance of the improvements made during the workshop.

Assessment is a key part of the sustenance phase. KIAP has developed customised checklists based on globally accepted operations excellence framework . The assessment measures overall process performance in terms of a measurable score and lays down basis for further improvement. Cross functional teams then work on improvement projects, under guidance of KIAP experts, to improve the scores. This becomes a template for the organization as it moves into self sustenance on the continual improvement path.

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