How 90% error reduced by Process Re-design?

How data entry error increased customer waiting time in billing counter & dissatisfaction and how 90% data entry error was reduced by re-designing the process.

Being very much successful in his business yet something that made Naveen worried about one thing. Every day he receives complaint from the shop that when the billing was about to be made it was found that the weight in the tag was wrong. And because of this the customers were getting upset. Even though the stores person rectifies the problems as soon as possible, Naveen recognizes that if he is going to open more stores the problems will be even worse. Every time when he receives a complaint from the shop Mr. Naveen has to login his system and make the editing in the system or his manager Mrs. Khan has to make the editing. This was the case in day to day activity of Mr. Naveen’s Head office. Head office is the place where Mr. Naveen makes the purchase and make entries and tag the jewel with the weight tag.

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