For Students

Students are the future of our country and more so, the future employees of organizations of today and tomorrow. Values and beliefs ingrained during these formative years of an individual go a long way in shaping up the course of the individual’s life – this is the fundamental concept of the Gurukuls of Ancient India. KIAP emulates this philosophy in the modern day context. We regularly engage with students through educational institutions, reaching out to them and instilling in them, our founding philosophies of Improvement and Perfection combined with Lean management practices. This enables the creation of Managers of tomorrow who are inherently capable of optimally utilizing the scarce natural resources and are capable of creating a balance in the organization, the society and the ecological system at large.

Thinking and practicing Lean principles has become an imperative in this fiercely competitive global business environment. Engineering and management students of all discipline should learn the Lean Philosophy and understand the process to implement the same in the organizations. Lean Principles are applicable to all functions and processes in any organization – manufacturing or service. Thus the course is designed to expose the students to the principles and practices of Lean so that they are well equipped to face the challenges in their professional career.

Many organizations are now implementing lean or variants of it and therefore prefer to employ those who have an understanding of the concepts. Students who complete this course are in a position to add value to any organization they join from the start itself – this also provides them with a competitive edge over others.

KIAP has designed a course specially to address this specific need of the future managers – which can be offered as either an elective course or a joint certification program to all the branches of MBA and Engineering students. The course is conducted by KIAP professionals with years of managerial and hands on implementation experience and have a flair for sharing their knowledge to future managers.

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