Kanzen means perfection, a state of completeness and an ideal paradigm to grow to. Every human being aspires to reach this state and life is a journey of continuous evolution towards achieving this.

An organization is but the sum of its people and has a similar urge to strive towards perfection in all its processes. Kanzen Institute Asia Pacific (KIAP) helps organizations move towards this paradigm of Kanzen and the wisdom gained along the way opens up several new paradigms to aspire to.

This results in a continuous journey where the goalposts continue to shift – as we reach one level we feel the need to grow further.

KIAP was co-founded in 2006 by Dr.Shrinivas Gondhalekar and S.Dorai Rajan both widely recognized at the time as pioneers in the field of management consulting using globally proven Japanese philosophies and methods. By then they had spent almost a decade working with and learning directly from world renowned Japanese Masters (Sensei) – the learning fortified through supporting organizations of various sizes and across industry sectors in their quest for Operational Excellence.

Since inception, KIAP has supported over a hundred organizations in improving operational and thereby business performance through implementing concepts of Lean Management, Kaizen, TPM and 5S. We also helped our clients solve complex problems through our own unique problem solving approach called Differential Diagnosis (DD).