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KIAP’s training programs are the product of years of experience in actual process improvement and business excellence through implementation of lean across diverse industry sectors and organization types. We understand how organizations are set up and what is needed to grow them on the path to business excellence.

The only way to change anything for the better is by doing and hence KIAP training programs believe in “Learning by Doing”. The participants are expected to apply their classroom learning of concepts, tools and techniques during the program itself by diagnosing current problem areas in their workplace, taking up and completing at least one significant process improvement giving tangible results.

1. Lean Management Strategy

In any organization, an initiative like Lean will succeed only through the drive of the entrepreneur or top executive. This program is designed exclusively for the Entrepreneurs / Operations Heads / SBU Heads and gives them an understanding about the Power of Lean in improving business performance. During this course they will diagnose their own operations under the Lean paradigm and assess the potential for growth through more effective utilization of their existing resources. They will be able to identify opportunities to reduce wastes and expense, to cut delivery lead times and enhance employee motivation and performance.

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2. Lean Manager Certification Program

The responsibility for actual deployment of Lean primarily rests with the operations / SBU head and supported by the business / operations excellence team in some large organizations. In MSMEs, the entrepreneur or family member are often themselves responsible for implementing such improvements.

The Lean Manager Certification Program is an accelerated learning module designed to help develop practicing Lean Managers who can quickly assess the problem areas and constraints in their operations, and be able to improve such bottleneck processes by implementing relevant lean tools and techniques.

Please view the LMCP program sheet for more details and get in touch with us for currently running course schedules and registration.

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3. Lean Champion Certification Program

The long term sustenance of any operations excellence initiative finally rests in the hands of the actual value adders – the workmen in a manufacturing set up and the frontline staff in a service environment. The challenge lies in creating an operational excellence framework and implementing the same by motivating and involving every employee in the organization.

The Lean Champion Certification Program is designed to help develop such Operations Excellence Experts and is tailor made for Business / Functional/ Plant heads of medium to large organizations who are assigned with the specific responsibility of operations excellence.

Please view the currently offered LCCP program sheet for more details and get in touch with us for running course schedules and registration.

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4. Custom Programs

We understand that every organization is a unique entity with its own internal and external dynamics. Hence, the training needs of each may have to be separately assessed and appropriate program designed to deliver results. Such a program could be delivered at the client location itself wherein class room training can go hand in hand with appreciation of the concepts at the gemba.

KIAP follows a step by step approach to designing and delivering such a customised training solution to our clients.

Step 1: Our senior expert will first meet with your top management to discuss and finalize the organization goals for the coming period. These goals form the targets for the training intervention.

Step 2: The expert will do a gemba walk through of the operational processes as well as meet the key people to understand the current state.

Step 3: The training intervention is then designed to bridge the gap between the current state and the management defined goals. It may cover multiple employee levels within the organization structure. The program design includes the following

  • What topics will be covered
  • How will it benefit the organization
  • What are the tools / techniques/concepts that will be taught
  • Who will learn them – target participants
  • How will learning benefit them
  • How will the results be measured

The relevant topics are modularized and a schedule is drawn up. The modules are by design spaced such that practical implementation is carried out by the participants in the interim period – this not only demonstrates their learning but also directly benefits the organization.

Step 4: The relevant KIAP experts will deliver the training as per schedule; they will also support the participants in choosing and implementing improvement projects.

Step 5: The program will conclude with final presentation of the projects done by the participants to the top management and this will include an action plan by each member on the way forward in his or her work area.

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