Lean Implementation in a forging MSME in India

Ganesh Thanjavur Natarajan & Thirumani Muniswami Iyer Venkatesan

The forging industry in India, largely comprising MSMEs, is highly unorganized, leading to substantial wastes in the processes. These units are now in direct competition with similar units across the world. In order for these units to have a sustainable competitive advantage, these units need to leverage the potential of their employees, establish a continuous improvement culture, improve their processes and leverage on their knowledge to make their operations highly efficient and eliminate their wastes. Lean methodology has the power to address all these issues.

This paper provides a step wise process of lean implementation in a MSME in forging industry, right from diagnostic stage to project implementation. Entrepreneurs in MSME sector who find LEAN intimidating could get motivated with this case study and embark on adopting lean techniques to make their operations world class.

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